Teddy Roosevelt,My Inspiration

worn-down punching bag

Training for greatness

I was reading about Teddy Roosevelt in the book I’m reading; Do Hard Things, and found some very interesting things about him. Teddy wasn’t always a strong, venturous leader, in fact, he was just the opposite.Teddy was a child with severe asthma. His parents  rushed him to mountain villages and beach resorts. Teddy would be teased at school for being the weak kid. One day, his father pulled him aside and told him he would be weak all his life unless he did something about it. After that, Teddy worked out and spent hours on his punching bag every day. Teddy grew stronger and stronger. He was no longer a weak little boy.When Teddy Roosevelt became president,he started doing things no other president had ever done. He was the first president to have a pet,to fly in an airplane, and leave the country during his term. He didn’t just sit around his whole life waiting for something to happen, he faced life head-on and wasn’t afraid to fail. If you never attempt anything, you never fail, but you miss out on all the great learning experiences and accomplishments you could have done.

Training for greatness

          – photo by chicadealeah

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