Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things

I have read Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris, twin brothers (like Don and I) who started an amazing website called The Rebelution.  This book has changed my life, and I have read it and it’s sequel, called Start Here three times each.  Do Hard Things is what inspired me to start this blog and […]

William Carey

"Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God."

William Carey became a baptist christian because of his friend in Piddington, England.  Ever since Dr. Booth gave a speech about his missionary travels in India, William knew he was called to go to India.  After many travels around England to sell his book Enquiry ( which is the short title people called it by because of […]

Jim Elliot

Photo of Jim Elliot

Jim Elliot was a missionary to the Quichua Indians and a martyr to the Auca Indians.  He Lived in Shandia, Ecuador and was part of a missionary outreach to the Quichua people.  Jim and his team endured many difficult and terrifying challenges.  After nearly one year of living in the Shandia mission station, everything was […]

Teddy Roosevelt,My Inspiration

worn-down punching bag

I was reading about Teddy Roosevelt in the book I’m reading; Do Hard Things, and found some very interesting things about him. Teddy wasn’t always a strong, venturous leader, in fact, he was just the opposite.Teddy was a child with severe asthma. His parents  rushed him to mountain villages and beach resorts. Teddy would be teased […]