If You Wish to Live

Churches are filled with shallow Christians.  Christians who attend church, talk spiritually with the others in their1 John 3:16 church, and say their nightly prayers.

Don’t be one of those Christians.  God calls us to live totally for Him in every single aspect of our lives.  If you wish to live, you must truly live, don’t simply exist.  A great Christian once said, “You can’t live for God until you learn how to live because of God,”

You cannot go and do great things for Christ if you want to stay in you little bubble of comfort.  So, if you are to live for God, you must discover what it means to live because of Him.

So often we as Christians try to do great things for God expecting something in return.  When nothing great happens, they blame God.  They never realize the chances they would have had if they had only changed their motives, opened their eyes, and stepped outside their comfort zone.  We pass people every day we can help, even with the smallest of things.

So what does living because of God mean?  It means to serve Him not to benefit yourself but because of what He did.  He chose to willingly sacrifice Himself, be tortured, mocked, and killed for you to have the chance to truly live.

Find your life in Him, live because of Him, and He will give you life to the fullest, though not easiest.  Every day, you can live your life with the knowledge that someone thought you of high enough worth to love you and die willingly for you.

Live because He loves, and you will live true life.  Love because He loved, forgive because He forgave, give because He gave, and teach because He taught.  Along with these, though, come some less pleasant opportunities to live for Him.  Serve because He served, suffer because He suffered, humble yourself just as He humbled Himself.  Give it all to the One who gave it all.


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      Glad to hear you will be posting more. I really enjoyed this post. The purpose of our lives is not to focus on self, but to glorify God. What should shape our thoughts and actions is the gospel. Thank you for the post.

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