My Code, My Ethics

Darrel Current

Darrel Current at state cross country race

 Loving, leading, faithfulness, kindness, and mercy. This is the code I have set for my life, this is the bar I have raised. Your code for your life may be different, just like mine is different from Rachel Scott’s (Columbine victim) ,whose I have based this off of. This will give explanation of why I chose each of my ethics and what they mean to me:

Loving~ Love is the most important to me because, without love there would be no start to any other of my ethics. God is love and without him, there is nothing. “If you have faith to say to a mountain “Jump!” and it jumps, but have not love,you are nothing!”

Leading~ One must lead to get people to follow. You need stand up and lead the way. There is no revolution without a leader. If no one will stand up and start a revolution, the rocks will cry out!Rachel Scott wanted to start a chain reaction, and if she wouldn’t be a leader, she never would have.

Faithfulness~ Faithfulness can be many things. It can be staying faithful to a friend, or it could be sticking to something and not giving up. Both of these are part of my code of ethics. To help others grow in the faith, you have to remain faithful to them. To accomplish things, you have to remain faithful to what you are doing.I am a runner, and I can’t just give up in the middle of a long race. I have to keep running the race all the way through.

Kindness~  In order to win someone for Christ, you have to show kindness to people. No one will want to learn about the faith of someone who is always mean to everyone. In another case, someone would gladly learn about the faith of one who is always kind to them.

Mercy~ mercy is showing love and kindness to others. Mercy in not like forgiveness where you only decide to stop being angry at someone. Mercy is more than that. Mercy is going out of your way to help someone and make sure they  are okay.

How many of these ethics have you displayed today?


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    I would like to commend you for this. It is very encouraging to see younger people with this heart and especially with this faith in God. I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.

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