The Spark


Photo by Daniel Dionne

Have you ever thought of what sets us as Christians apart from everyone else in this world?  Is there something others see in us that, when they see us, they can’t help but notice there’s something different about us.  I sincerely hope there is.

“For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” – Hebrews 13:14

The Bible tells us here and in other places that we were not made for this world, so we shouldn’t act like we are.  We as Christians have an eternity in heaven to look forward to, and yet we still choose things of this world over God’s kingdom.

So what does make us different?  What do others see in us that lets them know that we are Christians?  Ideally, they should notice our love and our passion, that spark, that light in our eyes that tells them that there’s something different about us.

We are children of the Creator of the universe, who loves us so much that He sent His son to die so that we could be with Him in perfection.  This is definitely worth celebrating!  We have this hope that our Father will never leave us, and He loves and cares for us.  So we should spread this love wherever we go, instead of treating it as commonplace, since it is not, it is a wonderful miracle that we are so loved and cared for.

I pray that our love would overflow, and we would feel a desire to share this wonderful gift with everyone we meet, regardless of whether we are comfortable or not.  We should see each day as a wonderful opportunity to reach another, and to set an example for those around us.

I also pray that we would be passionate about our faith.  We shouldn’t be timid about our Savior, since we have confidence that God will speak through us and move as He wills.  Additionally, we should be passionate because we do not know how much time either we or our neighbors have, and should treat each day like it was our last chance to represent Christ.

I know that I have failed in these things, and I will again, but I pray that you and I will begin to pay closer attention to what has been done for us, and the one that did those things, so that we can show the love of our Savior to all that we meet.


  1. Diana Harness says

    People are watching us! While we are pilgrims passing through we need to share through our actions and our testimony!
    Awesome blog and food for thought.

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