The Story of Samson

Samson Destroys the Temple

photo by Javier Martin Espartosa

Samson had great strength,but also many enemies.The Philistines wanted to find out Samson’s weakness,so they offered his wife Delilah a lot of money to find his weakness.When Samson finally gave in,Delilah told  the Philistines his weakness,he never cut his hair.If it was cut,he would lose his strength.So,the Philistines captured Samson and cut his hair.

 When Samson was captured,the Philistines took out his eyes and sentenced him to hard labor.The Philistines were having a celebration with Samson as a jester for the jeering crowds.Samson was standing between two pillars and,because his hair and strength were growing back,he mustered up all the strength he had and knocked the two pillars down,destroying the whole area as well as killing himself.

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