The Story of The Tower of Babel

the Tower of Babel

   The Tower of Babel was erected by Noah’s children and ancestors.  God said to spread out among the world, but they disobeyed the Lord.  Everyone stayed together and decided to build a tower to Heaven.  While they were building the tower, God said,”Come, let us confuse their languages so they can’t understand each other” […]

The Story of King David

Statue of King David and a harp

King David is one of the writers of Psalms,a part of the Bible focused on praising God for his glory and magnificence.Psalms recognizes how wonderful the works of God are,and just how amazing and perfectly he created the world.In Psalm 108:7-9 declares how through God he hs won everything,in these passages he talks about how,through […]

The Story of Samson

Samson Destroys the Temple

Samson had great strength,but also many enemies.The Philistines wanted to find out Samson’s weakness,so they offered his wife Delilah a lot of money to find his weakness.When Samson finally gave in,Delilah told  the Philistines his weakness,he never cut his hair.If it was cut,he would lose his strength.So,the Philistines captured Samson and cut his hair.  When […]