Training Your Faith

running legs on beach

Continuous training

  As I was running my first cross country race a long time ago, I thought about how athletes train nonstop to prepare for a race or game.  I thought about how Christians should be like that too, training nonstop to prepare for the day when someone says to us,”Why are you a Christian?”

    We need to be ready to defend our faith.  I’m not saying that everyone should spend every moment working on their faith, not everyone was called to be a missionary to a foreign country, I’m just saying that we should be willing to talk to people about our faith.  Everyone was made for a purpose.  For some people it is to write or to teach.  For others it is to evangelize or to preach.  Still,some people were meant to run or do sports.  God made everyone with a talent, what is yours?

   photo by Naama Ym


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