What Faith can Do

This post is based the song by Kutless called What Faith can Do.  This song describes the  amazing things faith can do and what to do when you fall.  The main verse of the song is,” I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling…” . This describes the great faith of individuals along with an example from the Bible.  Jesus said that if someone only had faith the size of a mustard seed they could move mountains.  With just a little faith, miracles can happen!

There is one person I know that was an amazing example of this.  George Muller was a “missionary” of sorts to the people of England, and displayed amazing faith.  He never asked for a donation even once, and never bought food for the children at his orphanage.  He simply prayed for God to provide, and whenever there was a need, God provided bread, milk, or money through random donors.

We can take a lesson from this.  Your every need can be provided for through faith and prayer.  God will provide.

Another verse in the song says,” Impossible is not a word, just a reason for someone not to try”.  Anything can be accomplished through faith, so therefore, nothing is impossible.  You cannot say,” That’s impossible, no one could raise that amount of money in that short of time!” because if you have a little faith you will be able to raise extra money for your project.

In Matthew 8:26, Jesus says,” Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?”  Then he rebuked the storm,and it was calm.  The disciples had forgotten that the son of God was in the boat, and had become afraid.  They had so little faith that they thought they would die in the storm while Jesus was sleeping.  I bet that if they had enough faith they could have calmed the storm themselves.

Faith can move mountains, give hope, heal, and perform miracles.  All you need to do is simply believe that God is powerful enough to do his will through you, and if it is His will, you can do anything!  So often I find myself thinking that I should say something or step out in faith, but then shrink back with the excuse that I don’t know if it is truly God’s will or not.  I just need to trust that God has a plan and will use me.

Today I encourage everyone to step out in faith in some matter, and I pray that you will make a change with your actions.  Everyone has the potential to do amazing things, all you need to do is have a little faith.

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