He is There


Life is hard.  During the good times we feel like we are on top of the world, but when we descend back into the valleys we start to think ,” What good can there be in this world?”  We realize that life isn’t easy, and we question where God has been during these times when we […]

Over and Underneath

The band Tenth Avenue North has an album named Over and Underneath, which has a very interesting meaning.  They used this to describe God; He is Over, He’s underneath, He’s inside, He’s in-between.  I would like to go over the meanings of all four of these descriptions. Over      God is over.  He is […]



The Newsboys just published an amazing new song about standing up for our beliefs, no matter what the cost.  It makes me wonder if I would be the one the standing before the jury, pleading guilty of speaking the name of Jesus.  I know I should. The movie God’s Not Dead and its coming sequel […]

How He Loves Us

One of my favorite songs is the song How He Loves Us by David Crowder.  I would like to write about this song, but so many of the verses are impacting, so I will go through it by the verse and discuss the ones I have found interesting. The song starts out with the line ,” He […]

What Faith can Do

This post is based the song by Kutless called What Faith can Do.  This song describes the  amazing things faith can do and what to do when you fall.  The main verse of the song is,” I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains, hope that doesn’t ever end even when the sky is falling…” . This describes […]

Live With Abandon

Today I decided to listen to some Newsboys songs because I hadn’t in a while, and one that I listened to was Live With Abandon.  The song expresses wanting to live with all that you have, not wasting a single breath.  This should be a goal for all of us.  Living with all you are for Jesus […]