Whispers and Shouts

In this generation, God seems so small, and we as a nation seem not to experience miracles as much as the past times that we read about.  Or so we think.  God has not ceased helping us, though there are indeed not as many noticeable “miracles” as there used to be in Biblical times.

God still moves stones.  He still helps his children, and he definitely hasn’t forgotten us.  He chooses his timing wisely and perfectly to help us in our darkest hour.

Most of the time, though, He chooses to work in quiet whispers.  Gently persuading us and forming events perfectly to bring His children back.  In my life, I have experienced His hand in many events, using the bad for good, and leading me and those around me in the directions we are meant to go; some closer and some further from my course in life.  He has also whispered directions to me when I was lost and wandering.  He has given me words to say when I was speachless.  I have heard Him direct me so many times and I have experienced the joy of obedience and knowing that I have followed the right path that He has set before me.

God doesn’t just work in noticeable miracles, He works in whispers as well as the shouts that we can all hear.  But if you only listen, you can hear Him beckon you to Him and experience the awesomeness of following His voice.  It won’t always be easy, and that is why we need Him to be our strength.  We are completely helpless, but He loves us despite our flaws and lifts us and shows us the way.

Even when we pray and listen to His voice, we can struggle with what to do when God doesn’t tell us outright what to do, from the most insignificant to the biggest choice.  He is a perfect and loving God, and we must remember that there is no possible way for us to mess up His plan.  We need to simply examine our options and choose the one that is biblical or feels like the right choice.  Sometimes, however, it isn’t a question that can be answered by using those methods.  In those cases, just pray for wisdom and choose one, and be confident that it was God’s plan, even though He didn’t tell you the answer outright.

God fulfills his plan through us with both whispers and shouts, and we can watch His glorious plan be fulfilled through ordinary and extraordinary ways right before our eyes.


  1. Marilyn Current says

    Wow! Yes! I read this to Grandma and Grandpa Heavilin. They, too, were very impressed with the depth of your insights.

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