Yellowstone National Park

Waterfall in Yellowstone National Park

Many waterfalls such as this are in Yellowstone.

My brother and I went on a trip to Yellowstone with our grandparents this summer.while we were there,we saw many amazing animals and landscapes both when we were at Yellowstone and driving to and from Yellowstone.We stopped at many national monuments including Devil’s Tower,Minuteman Missiles,Crazy Horse,and Mount Rushmore.I wish I could tell you about our whole trip,but I don’t have enough room to write it all.

 While we were at Yellowstone,we were able to see Old Faithful,the mud pots,and the paint pots,as well as see waterfalls and many other amazing things.I noticed how amazing all the places were,and thought about what power and holiness it would have taken to create such wonderful things such as the rushing waterfalls and deep canyons,the amazing rock formations and giant forests.It would take endless amounts of paper to describe all of it,so I must stop here.

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