He is There


Life is hard.  During the good times we feel like we are on top of the world, but when we descend back into the valleys we start to think ,” What good can there be in this world?”  We realize that life isn’t easy, and we question where God has been during these times when we […]

Coming Back to Christmas

A Christmas Tree

This Christmas season, I have been reminded of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  God has brought my family back to what Christmas is all about through a series of events. Two of my aunts are sick and in the hospital.  Because my aunt is sick, my mom drove to Atlanta to help her husband and […]


Me reading Literature in my chiar

I’m homeschooling for my first year after being in public school all my life, and I enjoy having the freedom to complete my classes whenever I want,  and being able to choose for the first time what I want to do with my life.  For example, right now I am writing this blog with my […]

Fishers of Men Mexico

photo of my family

Our family will be traveling to Mexico in June.  We will be going to the Fishers of Men home for one month to assist in the programs run by the organization. The Zaragoza family consists of two adults ( Victor and Julie Zaragoza) and 17 children ranging from ages twenty to four.  The family lives […]

Yellowstone National Park

Waterfall in Yellowstone National Park

My brother and I went on a trip to Yellowstone with our grandparents this summer.while we were there,we saw many amazing animals and landscapes both when we were at Yellowstone and driving to and from Yellowstone.We stopped at many national monuments including Devil’s Tower,Minuteman Missiles,Crazy Horse,and Mount Rushmore.I wish I could tell you about our […]