Fishers of Men Mexico

photo of my family

My family on Easter Sunday

Our family will be traveling to Mexico in June.  We will be going to the Fishers of Men home for one month to assist in the programs run by the organization.

The Zaragoza family consists of two adults ( Victor and Julie Zaragoza) and 17 children ranging from ages twenty to four.  The family lives in the mountains south of Mexico City and in sight of popocatepetl  mountain.  Our family is extremely excited about going and is hosting fundraisers to earn money to go on the trip.  I am excited to finally travel to another culture and learn about evangelistic ministries in other countries.  I hope to be able to reignite my passion for serving in other countries.

This will be my first time traveling to another country.  My parents are the only people in our family who have ever been to another country.  This will be a first time experience for my siblings as well.

Our family is learning a little more about Mexico each week through a Mexico booklet with fill-in information.  We have learned things like the population and culture of Mexico and about its land forms and people.

I am hoping to make friendships with some of the children at the mission and be able to explore some of the areas surrounding the mission.  My whole family is looking forward to this mission and hope to create some amazing memories while on the trip.

photo by Dyan Current


  1. Marilyn Current says

    Was surprised about the mention of July for the trip. I thought you were going in June……?

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