Me reading Literature in my chiar

Me reading my Literature book

I’m homeschooling for my first year after being in public school all my life, and I enjoy having the freedom to complete my classes whenever I want,  and being able to choose for the first time what I want to do with my life.  For example, right now I am writing this blog with my cat laying on my desk right beside me.  But with freedom also comes responsibility.  I have the choice of whether I want to finish school before lunch or after dinner.  I still need to spend my time wisely and get done all the things that need done.

When I left public school, many of my friends thought I was basically skipping school, and  I would do whatever I want all day.  But that’s not at all what I do.  I get up from 7:30 to 8:00 and start my morning routine, eat breakfast, and begin my school day. I usually finish school from 2:00 to 3:30 an normal days, and go to 5:45 on bad days.  Even though this is with interruptions, unlike public school, I still work just as hard on my subjects as anyone else.

Being in home school allows me to choose what classes I want to take, and what extracurricular  activities I want to take part in.  For example, my brother and I are taking Algebra 1, Biology, and  8th grade language when in public school we would be in 7th grade.  This is a challenge, though, because I am expected to maintain good grades even while taking these difficult classes.  Even though it is difficult now, I know it will pay off when I am finished and am choosing my career.

This stage in my life is a stage of preparation, so I will do all I can to prepare for the times ahead, whether they be easy or difficult.  I do not know what God will call me to do, but I will make sure I am prepared to do whatever he asks.  So, even though homeschooling may seem strange to some, it is just another method of education we can choose to do.  It may not work for some, but for others, it can help them thrive in the areas they wish to excel in.  I intend to use homeschooling to prepare myself for whatever lies ahead.


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