Over and Underneath

The band Tenth Avenue North has an album named Over and Underneath, which has a very interesting meaning.  They used this to describe God; He is Over, He’s underneath, He’s inside, He’s in-between.  I would like to go over the meanings of all four of these descriptions.


     God is over.  He is in absolute control over everything.  He created all of it and commands His creation with power and authority.  He cannot be beat and cannot be wrong.  He is greater than everything because He created everything and even created greatness.


     God is also underneath.  He humbled himself down to the level of a created being and experienced the life of a human.  He died the worst death to save us from an eternity of being separated from Him.

     He went underneath us and caught all of us that were falling and carried our own sins.  He went down to Hell for three days and conquered death.  It was the hardest thing anyone had ever done, but it was also the most humble.

     We have been picked up by He that is over us.  He went underneath us though He had no need or obligation to.


     God is inside.  He has made us His temple to dwell in us.  He is always with us while we are hurting and when we are filled with joy.  He is always with us to support us like our bones support this body we live in now.

     In the song By Your Side by Tenth Ave, Mike sings,

” I’ll be by your side, wherever you fall

in the dead of night, whenever you fall and

please don’t fight, these hands that are holding you,

yeah my hands are holding you.”

     He is there to hold us and strengthen us when we are afraid.


     Finally, God is in-between.  He is there for us in the transition times.  He is there when we don’t see Him and when you don’t think He is there.  He is always watching over us even when we are not aware of Him.  He helps us through our toughest trial when we try to do it on our own.  He gently and wisely guides us everywhere we go.

     God is there for our transitions and our trials.

Final notes

     God is over us, underneath us, inside us, and in our in-between times.  He is all powerful, completely humble, always supportive, and ever present.



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