The Art of Kindness

Today I am writing about kindness, but not because this is something I understand.  I struggle with kindness, but God laid it on my heart to write about something I am not good at.

As you may remember from some of my other blogs, my primary gift is prophecy, which is not the most compassionate of the gifts.  I often give blunt answers and I’m not afraid to hurt someone’s feelings if I feel they need hurt.  This is good if they need that, but if they need at tender, loving answer, they will be disappointed.

I need to write this blog not only for others but also as a lesson to myself.

God calls us to show kindness and mercy to others as we teach others about Him and to forgive others, not keeping a record of wrongs.  If all we do is criticize others and tell them what they are doing wrong but never say that you are just as broken as they are, they will see no point in believing us.

We cannot speak of a loving God but not show that love to others.  We must remember to still speak the truth and not endlessly protect everyone’s feelings, but we must speak the truth in love.  Show His love to others and show that you can feel what they are going through and that you don’t expect them to be perfect.

Remember that what comes from your lips cannot be returned.  Think about how your words will reflect yourself and Christ to those who know you.

Give joy in your words and actions to others and build them up with what you say rather than answering rudely or with a sarcastic tone.  It matters just as much how you say something as what you say.  A good answer with a rude tone can make others upset and hurt, even if the answer itself was fine.

Remember to show God’s love to others and show love through your actions, words, and tones.Kindness is a language which blind people can see and deaf people can hear


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