Over and Underneath

The band Tenth Avenue North has an album named Over and Underneath, which has a very interesting meaning.  They used this to describe God; He is Over, He’s underneath, He’s inside, He’s in-between.  I would like to go over the meanings of all four of these descriptions. Over      God is over.  He is […]

The Plan

Hau Shan Cliff-side Plank Path

Most people today like to plan.  They plan out their lives and what they will do to achieve a certain result. The problem is that they are usually not following God’s calendar.  They hold on to their plans and create a certain path they “need” to follow.  They aren’t pleased when God taps them on the […]



The Newsboys just published an amazing new song about standing up for our beliefs, no matter what the cost.  It makes me wonder if I would be the one the standing before the jury, pleading guilty of speaking the name of Jesus.  I know I should. The movie God’s Not Dead and its coming sequel […]

Whispers and Shouts

In this generation, God seems so small, and we as a nation seem not to experience miracles as much as the past times that we read about.  Or so we think.  God has not ceased helping us, though there are indeed not as many noticeable “miracles” as there used to be in Biblical times. God still […]

The Seven Spiritual Gifts

Jesus Preaching

At my church I am taking a spiritual gifts class from Impact University.  Throughout the course, we have learned the definitions and characteristics of each of the seven gifts.  Below I will share a basic definition of each and explain a few of their characteristics. Prophecy      The gift of prophecy is probably one […]