The Definition of Success

For a home school language project, I asked on Facebook for people’s definition of success in one sentence, and received a variety of answers.  I am going to compare a few of them with two definitions of success from the Bible, which say; “He (God) has told you men what is good and what it is the […]

Live With Abandon

Today I decided to listen to some Newsboys songs because I hadn’t in a while, and one that I listened to was Live With Abandon.  The song expresses wanting to live with all that you have, not wasting a single breath.  This should be a goal for all of us.  Living with all you are for Jesus […]

Coming Back to Christmas

A Christmas Tree

This Christmas season, I have been reminded of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  God has brought my family back to what Christmas is all about through a series of events. Two of my aunts are sick and in the hospital.  Because my aunt is sick, my mom drove to Atlanta to help her husband and […]

Born to be Wild

photo of roaring lion

Yesterday, my dad, brother, and I went on an eight mile canoeing trip down the Flat Rock River.  Our first discovery is that it is very difficult to row a canoe in shallow water.  We went on a day with a low water level   and faced many shallow rapids and shelves of flat rock […]

A Warrior’s Heart

photo of roman soldier

     In my social studies class, we studied European cultures, and we where assigned a project.  We could choose to either do a report on a Roman god or choose one of many other projects. I chose to build a Roman gladiator’s shield.      I thought about how the Romans where a strong […]

Faith Like Potatoes

photo of harvested potatoes

   A long time ago, my family watched a movie called Faith Like Potatoes.  Faith Like Potatoes is about a man named Angus who moved from Zambia, Africa and to Southern Africa to find a better farming life.  With the help of some of his workers, Angus built a mud hut for his family to […]

Fishers of Men Mexico

photo of my family

Our family will be traveling to Mexico in June.  We will be going to the Fishers of Men home for one month to assist in the programs run by the organization. The Zaragoza family consists of two adults ( Victor and Julie Zaragoza) and 17 children ranging from ages twenty to four.  The family lives […]


i phone case

    Today’s generation has more access to technology than ever before,as well as ways to communicate.That means that we now have more ways to share the gospel rather than word of mouth.Technology can be used in good ways,but many people take this for- granted, using their technology in inappropriate ways. We can use this […]