What do We have to Fear?


” The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. A famous and noble quote from President Franklin Roosevelt, this has been repeated times beyond measure in an effort to reduce fear.  As Christians though, this quote makes no sense.  The only thing we need to fear is God Himself, though unbelievers have more […]

The Plan

Hau Shan Cliff-side Plank Path

Most people today like to plan.  They plan out their lives and what they will do to achieve a certain result. The problem is that they are usually not following God’s calendar.  They hold on to their plans and create a certain path they “need” to follow.  They aren’t pleased when God taps them on the […]

Coming Back to Christmas

A Christmas Tree

This Christmas season, I have been reminded of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  God has brought my family back to what Christmas is all about through a series of events. Two of my aunts are sick and in the hospital.  Because my aunt is sick, my mom drove to Atlanta to help her husband and […]

Born to be Wild

photo of roaring lion

Yesterday, my dad, brother, and I went on an eight mile canoeing trip down the Flat Rock River.  Our first discovery is that it is very difficult to row a canoe in shallow water.  We went on a day with a low water level   and faced many shallow rapids and shelves of flat rock […]