The Plan

Hau Shan Cliff-side Plank Path

Most people today like to plan.  They plan out their lives and what they will do to achieve a certain result. The problem is that they are usually not following God’s calendar.  They hold on to their plans and create a certain path they “need” to follow.  They aren’t pleased when God taps them on the […]

Coming Back to Christmas

A Christmas Tree

This Christmas season, I have been reminded of the true reason we celebrate Christmas.  God has brought my family back to what Christmas is all about through a series of events. Two of my aunts are sick and in the hospital.  Because my aunt is sick, my mom drove to Atlanta to help her husband and […]

Born to be Wild

photo of roaring lion

Yesterday, my dad, brother, and I went on an eight mile canoeing trip down the Flat Rock River.  Our first discovery is that it is very difficult to row a canoe in shallow water.  We went on a day with a low water level   and faced many shallow rapids and shelves of flat rock […]

A Warrior’s Heart

photo of roman soldier

     In my social studies class, we studied European cultures, and we where assigned a project.  We could choose to either do a report on a Roman god or choose one of many other projects. I chose to build a Roman gladiator’s shield.      I thought about how the Romans where a strong […]